Old fighters new day

At the age of 32 I have deicided that it is now or never. Plan is to start out training on my own, using what I have learned during my years, and all the tools/helpers I can find. There is a lot of reasons why, but most because I believe that if I want to become great now, I will train any style without anyone telling me to do it like this or that. I have the basics after 10 years, so I will study, practice, train and develop my own individual style.
It is also because of the dicipline needed and the benefits from building your self. When ready I`ll join a gym and compete. I used to be a judge so I feel I have to prove that I am for real.
I will also use the opportunity to work on other issues in my life that needs to be taken care of. I know that I can because I know who I am inside. Nothing can break me now. I walk the path of a warrior again, and this time I am fighting my own demons too. When I defeated the things that hold me back, and keep me from beeing a better man, I am truly a fighter.

Feel free to have doubts. I will prove you wrong. And here my journey will be written. All comments, advice and tips is very welcome!

Started yesterday. Started with the basics of kickboxing. Been through very similar things before, but this time I follow instructions in detail, and see how it works for me.

-Yesterdays workout was: Practicing the kickboxer stance, with and without steps. 25 jabs, 25 straight right, 25 left hooks, 25 right hooks, 25 right uppercuts, 25 frontkicks, 25 low kicks, 25 left low kicks, and 25 middle kicks to the ribs. Then I practiced a counter, drop a little to my right, and strike with a straight right, 25 times.
Then it was time for the combos. 20 x Jab, straight right, left hook, lowkick. Next was 20 x Jab,straight,left hook,right to body,low kick. Then 20 x Left low kick,jab,left hook,right low kick, and ended with 20 jab, straight , counter and a straight right. Didnt have time for more but tokk a walk for about 1 hour.

Now it is the middle of the night, but I have things to do and I can sleep as long as I wish tomorrow so I`ll try to get some training before bed.