Nervous and excited for 2012 Training!!

Well, what can I say?! Wow I am so happy and super excited about making the right descision to start my Shotokan Karate training again this year!! It has given me a new lease on life, a renewed sense of self, a new energy and has basically put the life back into my everyday existance!

Feeling the changes is my physical body and also in my spiritual life is great and empowering. Being able to share this with the man I love and all my kids, gives me an even greater feeling of satisfaction.

At the start of every new week, I live for my Tuesday and Thursday sessions with whom I think is one of the very best sensei's in the world, Goran Stankovich. His way of motivating and teaching is so calm, relaxed, yet firm and to the point. I respect this man so much and what he has tought me.

On the other hand of all this excitement lies the nervous part for me of trying and doing the best in the kumite part of shotokan karate. I have always devoted my time and energy into perfecting my kata's because I realy have a love and an understanding for each of them. I have always just entered competitions with kata on mind and in hand!! And I have done well with them.

This YEAR (2012) is going to be different!!!!!!!

I have decided to get my butt into gear and take on the challenge of doing kumite / fighting. I have always stayed away because I have always been scared of taking a physical hit from my opponent. The thought still scares me! But my husband and I went out and bought ourselves the karate kumite gloves for competitions and a punching bag.

We have started messing around with each other with the sparring and it feels awesome. We practice at home alot and that punching bag isn't going to last long at the rate I'm going, hehe.. This punching bag is also helping alot for my conditioning of my feet, hands and arms.

I also decided that I would like to do weapons this year. I of course have a love fot the bo-staff. We went out and bought ourselves wooden sticks, right thickness and length. I got paint as well to customise and make sure I have one of a kind bo in the world!! I have never wanted to just go out and buy a finished bo (product). So that is going to be wonderful too.

So after much discussion and thinking and so on I have decided that:
1.) I will do exceptionaly well in Kata this year / competition
2.) I will do exceptionaly well in kumite this year / competition
3.) I will do exceptionaly well in weapons kata this year / competition

I think these are great goals and are very achievable!!!
Can't wait to get started..