Adding your martial arts school

If you are the owner of a martial arts school then you can add your own site to our vast database of schools.

The advantages of adding your school to our database

Our site gets millions of visitors of people specifically interested in martial arts. Raise awareness of your school to not only martial artists in your area, but also around the world. Give potential students of your school useful information and allow them to contact you A great way to promote your school and potentially get more students

Is your school already listed in our database?

If your martial arts school is already listed in our database then you can claim it as yours. Search our database by entering the location of your school in the find a martial arts school section.

Click on the school to visit the unique school page. In the left column below 'school owner' you will see a link which says 'claim this school'. Click this and follow the steps shown on the page.

Is your school not listed in our database?

Our database is growing and we welcome all new listings for martial arts schools, anywhere in the world.

To add your own club, firstly become a member of the site by registering here.

If you are a registered member then please add your club by clicking the image below.


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Hello, I'm unable to find the link that allows me to add my school into the database. Could you please send me the link where I can do that. Thanks Thierry
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Ashley I found your article on Xing Yi Quan-形意拳 interesting and informative. However I feel that the photo you chose to accompany the article wasn't the best. The reason is that the person in the photo standing in the san ti shi stace seemed tense when he was in the stance. When someone is tense it means that what they are doing isn't internal but external and they are not relaxed or using their qi to train and practice.