My first live MMA experience!

POST#1 Okay, so I'm checking out the blog here for the first time today. Not sure how this works, but here we go!

I'm very excited about just purchasing tickets to my first live pro mma fight tournament. Art of Fighting 9: Apocalypse. This will take place in the city of Jacksonville, FL at the Veterans Memorial Arena on September 4, 2010 at 6:00 PM!

The main event will be a world title bout between veteran welterweights Delson "Pe de Chumbo" Heleno and Jason "The Kansas City Bandit" High.

The fight card line up looks pretty good. A couple of the fights are pro and there seem to be quite a few amateur that will be making their pro debut as well as a couple of amateur fights as well.

You can actually check out the event and fight card of the night at the Art of Fighting's website: I actually know two of the fighters who are making their pro debut. One of them is actually a capoeirista as well, which is how I know him.

I hope he does really well! I'll be there rooting for him, and enjoying the fights of the night! I will update once I've attended the event. I'll be scrambling trying to find my camera until then because I would very much like to take pictures.

If I can get any good ones (if I even find my camera, it's been missing for a while) I will post them here :-)


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This should be intereesting, i've never been to a pro MMA fight either. Let us know how it goes, keep us updated! Thanks.
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Interesting indeed! I just got home (and it's 3:15 in the morning here as I type this) from the fight (which ended at around 11 at night)and then the after party! A lot of good fights. I did take some pictures. They're not all that great because the camera I used sucked. Had to borrow a camera because I couldn't find my own. But it's okay. I may post them in a tread later on in the day (after I wake up that is!)with more about the fight. 9 fights in all. One of the two guys I knew didn't fight again. But the one who practices capoeira was fight #4 of the night. He won by knock out with a knee! That was great to see! Watching my first live MMA fight was pretty good. I'm pretty sure there will be more in the future...Good night fightsoc. Got a long day of capoeira on the beach later....when ever I wake up anyway~
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Sounds like a great experience, good to hear the Capoeira got the knockout! A knockout with a knee has got to be painful. I think this just goes to show Capoeira is up there with top martial arts for fighting. Take it easy and enjoy training on the beach in sunny Florida!
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I might have mine soon also! There is a fighter training his ground work with my sensei and he is going into the champion bout of his league soon. I plan on asking him when and where it is and then I will try to get tickets and support him at the fight. :)