last week i ran the boston marathon in bagram afghanistan let me tell u it was an experience we started at 3am to the sound of a controlled detenation(COOL) some how my friend and i started off in the front of the marathon (some one must have thought we pros) to our surprise it was around 45-50 degrees for the 1st lap my hands were freezing and i could not see were i was running pitch black the 2nd lap i saw the sunrise and became really hungry then i had to use the bathroom (2) that took some time off my run and my knees started hurting finally on the 3rd lap i could see clearly and my hands totally frozen not hungry but eat alot of fruits (best tasting ever) half way thru - the 3rd and final lap i was doubting myself and pain from my knee but i endured adn finished the run of 26.5miles in 4:25.... i would have to say it was an experince of a life time i think ifound a new passion


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Welcome! Good on you for the marathon. Running is one of my least favorite things to do when it comes to physical activities, but I know I need to run more. I have so many opportunities to run in various marathon type events but I always pass them up. Maybe I should try it just for the heck of it... even if just once huh. Who knows, I might fall in love as well. Thanks for sharing your experience.