Looking Foward to dabbling more BJJ

Starting today I'll be training more in Brazilian Jujitsu again with my supervisor who is a brown belt in the art as well NAGA Champ and two time PANAM bronze metal (the second time he should've actually been silver or gold, but that's a completely different story) I look forward to getting back on the matts and learning all over again. It's been a couple of years since I last dabbled in this art. I'm looking forward to being really sore. Every Wednesday at 3pm! I'll probably skip out on Capoeira class tonight~


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Just got home from work/ending the day there with an hour and a half of BJJ. I was the only one that showed up as everyone else ended up being busy (it ended up working out for me I guess because my supervisor is the one who's leading the class so I had no problem with getting the last hour of work off to hit the mats)In addition to rolling, he focused my attention on two techniques today. Americana also known by a few other names (keylock) and different ways of engaging the arm bar. Along with explaining to me various concepts of BJJ, this is how the first day concluded. I learned a lot and can't wait until next Wednesday! Hopefully the other guys can make it then too. I don't think I'm going to capoeira class tonight :^)