Local Championship - Kumite 26 May 2012

So the kata championship is done and dusted and we all did well. Now for the scary part, kumite.
I have spoken to the Sensei of our other club and he said to me for this local championship, there won't be anyone to fight against me. Well of course because I am so flippen old and there aren't any other karateka above 17 years old in our local clubs!!!! How does that just suck piles..
Anyways, so Sensei suggested I fight full contact against a 16 year old Black Belt with an attitude from here to Cairo!!
Although she is only 16, I am crapping myself for this fight!! I have seen how she fights and she is very good and has Provincial and National colours for Shotokan Karate.
Whooooo hoooooo, I can see a thing coming. I am gonna have to practice my butt off for this. And maybe take a shot of Tequila before the championship just to calm down a bit! Hehehehehehehe..