Local Championship - 12 May 2012 (Kata, Group Kata, Weapons Kata)

Wow, things are moving fast now! Just completed the Kata Bonanza and now already got word of our championship coming up! This championship is only for Individual Kata, Group Kata and Weapons Kata. I will be doing an individual kata(not sure which one yet) and then myself, hubby and sis in law will be doing a group kata (Tekki Shodan) and then I really wanted to do weapons kata but my bo isn't ready yet and I also don't feel ready for it! This is my first year ever to do weapons (although I have messed around with the bo a bit, nothing serious) kata and want it to be perfect!

So training strictly starts today for us!! In this competion we receive medals, Gold, Sliver or Bronze. The kids are so excited and want to work hard for those medals.
Will once again keep you posted on how training is going and the build up to the big finale..

Our Kumite championship will only be on the 26th of May 2012.
Gotta start training HARDER for this one!