Life sometimes gets in the way

after the debarcle of my mental meltdown it was great to walk out of the Dojang on Saturday with my red belt. What a trial it has been over the last 4 months to get to that point! I had goal set to have it mid March, then early April, then for on my birthday on 21/4 and then a 2 weeks after that - nearing the end of the first week- i achieved it in May.

Injuring my back twice- once but relapsing it- cost me about 3 weeks, the bike accident was another week of training but realistically 3 weeks due to the risk of further injury should i spar, and then the mental breakdown. But to tell the truth i'm glad i had all of these experiences at this point; they have slowed me down a bit, made me think a lot and put extra value on the achievement... it means so much more because of the struggles.

Having the Master stop a busy Saturday class to announce my belt and bow to me was an honour too...even if my face was as red as my new belt!
Now back to work. The next grading is actually fairly easy in regard to volume of content and although i've had a look at it and started learning the new form, i'm in no rush. Sure i want Chodanbo ASAP, but not at the cost of being under-trained, under-prepared and un-worthy of the rank.

I know goal setting is important, and that is why i set them even if they are a push. And i know it is about the journey, not the destination. But i'm still going to throw up a date to work towards...even knowing life sometimes gets in the way!