Ju Jutsu club "Panther" from Serbia

JiuJitsu club "PANTHER" is founded since 1998. by sensei Milan Vujasin V day JiuJitsu, I day Judo . Trough the club history since foundation many generations has passed, many hundreds fighters . Some of them were very successfully and with their hard work gain many domestic and international medals. In club sport-competitive Jiu Jitsu is the most present craft, where our club with his competitors are among first in Serbia. Judo and brasilian jiu jitsu are also pesent. Because of the great contribution to this martial art, and great results sensei Milan Vujasin has been set for president of the "Sport JiuJitsu association of Serbia" and selector of Serbian junior representation. In this club training is being held also for education of security and bodyguards.

Training schedule:
tuesday 18-19:30h
thursday 18-19:30h
sunday 18-19:30h
tuesday 19-20:30h
thursday 19-20:30h
suterday 13-16h
sunday 19-20:30

Everybody who likes martial arts and health life are wellcome to join us!