It was a reflex... honest!!!!

So me and a friend were walking along talking and laughing after a pretty lame day. We had walked quite a distance, when out of the blue I saw my friend's hand raised up and coming down to strike me; before I knew it, my hand had blocked with an age-uke(Rising block) and grab with that same hand like I was taught and then performed a Nukite(Spear hand) to his ribs.
He was pissed as hell but could not really move for a bit and I was like what did I just do? The weird thing is I just reacted like I was taught to, even though my friend was just kidding around, but to my body it was a threat and it showed.
The next ten minutes were quite painful, because I felt like crap for what I had done, even though I honest to God did not mean to do was a reflex to an attack, plus he basically went off about how crazy I was. But honestly I did not even think, my body just moved to stop an attack and ironically it did, pretty well, problem was, it was against the wrong person.


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It happens! One of my students who has trained in many different systems over the years and is now in his sixties had a similar experience. He noticed his bus was pulling in and sped up his pace to join the queue, however a lady with her eyes obviously on the bus suddenly stuck her arm out in front of him. His reaction was to lock the arm, he didn't think, his training simply reacted. I think he felt rather silly and the lady was not too impressed either LOL.....
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Thanks, I was just shocked at it really.
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He will probably think twice about messing about with a martial artist in future ha ha