Greatest training/sparring moments.

My top moments as a martial artist starting with the best.

-Having something to classify myself as.

-Teaching a 12 year old girl (4'7" 150lbs) to throw me(6'2" 190 lbs) using her weight as an advantage. (seeing her father with a huge smile on his face) -When I joined my T.K.D. school.(and made many new friends)

-Speed breaking for the first time in a demonstration with no training for it before hand.

-Taking some gruesome hits and not being overly injured from them.:)

-Horribly failing a dive-roll in a choreographed fight scene demonstration in front of everyone I knew and being able to finish...somehow!(not because of embarrassment but rather the force of gravity and a concrete floor.)

-Being the guinea pig/fall guy in the same fight scenes.

-Trimming my schools trees with a sword. (for lack of anything else at hand)

-Sparring with people and never having it get personal.

-Raising money for M.D.A. Kicks for Kids through demonstrations.

-Hitting myself in the knee with

-Using Ramen to make a dish for the Christmas Party(and being complemented)


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Enjoyed reading, thanks for sharing.