Entering a new Era...

The last few days, I've been rushed off of my feet. On Friday I was at work for twelve hours. On saturday, I moved house. On Sunday and Monday, I worked 14 hours a day - but now that things are starting to get back to normal, I'm hoping to move into the new Era that I have been planning for some time.

I founded the Medway Tai Chi Society as a group dedicated to the practice of Taijiquan - unfortunately, because of the nature of my work, I've never been able to fix regular training sessions, and I fear that not enough people will be able to gain the benefits of FREE Taijiquan training if I hold local sessions.

So, what I plan on doing is filming weekly, or bi-weekly instructional videos, and publishing them on my website (www.medwaytaichi.tk).

All the content will be free to view - with no registration, no fees - just navigate to the site, and pick a lesson.

I will also be alerting members of this community, either via blog posts, or by updates in the Tai Chi forum.

I will be welcoming comments, questions etc from anyone trying to use the videos, and I will also have a Q&A page on the website, where I will answer questions for the benefit of all users.

All I ask, is that people are patient. I do have full time work and family commitments, but I will be doing my best to present what I have been taught.


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Hi you seem like a very generous chap.I take my hat off to you. I was wondering though how do you find time to train to be a good quality teacher as I am sure you are. Do you compete at all? I found I had to give up full time work so as to offer a true transmission of my art. A novice has to train 45 mins to an hour Nei Kung per day. a fighter 2-3 hours and a master level of which I am, trains up to 6 hours per day to be of that level. This is before forms are practised and the long form alone takes up to half an hour. Push hands drills are needed, free style push hands , and sparring . I was sent to compete at National level and then of course the first ever European Tai Chi Championships by my master and then camp trained in all aspects. I had to give up full time work and eventually part time work before I took up teaching completely.I did all this before I was given a role of running a school. All I am saying is how do you find the time to work full time and run a school and teach online alongside all the training needed to be anywhere near a competent teacher. Your quite young too.Do you teach the full system and train fighters also ?
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The time is always there, it's the management of time that can be the issue for some. Self motivation is necessary. I could quite easily get in from a 14 hour work shift and go to bed. But I ENJOY practicing before I do. In an average day, I can get in 3, maybe 4 hours of practice. I don't claim to be a master, or anything like that. I just want to share the benefits of Taiji with others, and my second teacher told me I am in a position now to start sharing it with others. I undertake coaching qualifications with the Martial Arts Standards Agency to ensure my teacher skills are up to scratch, I'm first aid trained through work. I don't train fighters, and I don't compete - so that isn't something I have to contend with.
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Well you sound dedicated and teaching for free is admirable! I think the online teaching is a good idea, and I know its difficult as I have put together two DVDs so far to try and help some of the students with forms etc.. and often sell them on the internet in the hope they may be helpful to people. Wudang Tai chi has 9 levels starting with junior instructor "Essence" through to 9 which is Principal Instructor "Strategist", I am only 7 which is Master "Fortitude". I will have to get the courage to ask my Principal If am ready to move on, it's been a while since the last one. He doesn't really take levels or grading seriously as they are only bits of paper but I do know of other styles who do weekend courses and give students a certificate to teach. This is awful and fills the country with bad tai chi. this only gives tai Chi a poor reputation as a serious martial art. What do you think? I am glad there are still serious young teachers as yourself. And to get in 3 or four hours training a day is fantastic, I wish some of my students would put in that kind of work. Well some do (The successful Ones).Good luck with entering a new era.
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A very generous and philanthropic thing that would be James. I think so many people would find that useful. Many martial artists that I know actually have much intrigue regarding this style because of the increasing knowledge of it's self defense advantages. I think this style can compliment any other style and if you do decide to go ahead with the videos I will be one of the first to use them.