Dojo Sweet Dojo

As a person with a not so peaceful past, I have felt the negative effects of this world, but thankfully I have always been able to go to someone, whether my mother, aunt, sister, friends, teachers etc. There has also always been someplace I could go and feel safe, like a home. The dojo for many is that place, "a sanctum where no evil can reach and where protection is felt from every corner", it is a refuge for many, and can fill the emptiness that a broken home can not. The discipline, the community and the philosophy that go along with it can be equal to a household and the effects similar. I am not saying that you should leave home and take up residence in a dojo, I am just saying that the dojo holds more power that just teaching us how to protect our physical selves. It is a place of gathering and a place where one can find a belonging, a warmth and the sense of hope.