Different types of MMA...

I am trying to find out different things...
1.)What type of MMA is best for Mind, Body and Soul?
2.)What is the Best type of MMA that brings forth Chii?
3.)What type of MMA do you think is best for Defence and which is best for offence?
4.)What MMA is best for a take down and disabling an oponate?
5.)what MMA is best with Weapons and which is best with non weapons?
6.)For a flexible guy like me (225pounds 6'2" and likes weight) what in your guys opinions would best suit me?
7.)Im trying to find a MMA style that has alot of speed but can knock out an oponate with ease...
8.)Is the Palm Technic still out there?
9.)I understand this is not usealy give out info but I am really interested in forbidden moves... Is there any forbidden moves, styles that you guys are able to tell me about?

any other info will be nice... for now this is all I question ^_^ hope I get bloged back with some info...


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After reading this, it seems like you may be more interested in learning traditional MA styles. Most MMA gyms you will find today focuses mostly on sport/competitive based fighting like in the UFC and not some of the stuff you are asking about in here like weapons, chi cultivation and such.