challenges and the long term

life is all about daily challenges; talking to a friend this morning who is having a hard time with his x the mother of his child he reminded me that he keeps it all in perspective due to the knowledge that everyone has their own issues, and like the AA aphorism, "my problem is the worst, because it is happening to me." This isn't a "woe is me, i'm so hard done by " line, it is just meant to remind us that when we are in the middle of our trials it is the worst thing for us because WE are the ones living it. But everyone else is going through the same thing too so we aren't alone as we take on our battles and deal with our tribulations.

2 weeks ago i was ready to grade for 2nd kup and i got hit by a car on my bike. Pretty dramtic, but i got away with it without serious injury, so as i missed out on my gradding i reasured myself it wasn't that important, it was more important that i was basically ok.

Now, as my injuries are mostly healed i have been struck down with a terrible case of bronchitis. Nothing new here, i've had it for 5 years and no doctor or specialist has been able to get rid of it.
It is annoying, and means i will struggle with the 12 bouts i have to do to grade, but, cest la vie! what can i do? Have a big sook about it, or be glad of the fact that while i'm kicking, there is always another day.

It is really a no brainer!