Capoeira Group Changeover!

So, at the beginning of the year (2012) my Capoeira group has had a complete change over and have become part of an even bigger family (oh the excitement!!!) Initially when the group I trained with was founded (in the year 2000) It was founded as Grupo Bantu (I started training in 2007 under that group name). In 2009 (I believe it was '09) my instructor merged our group with his Mestre's group in Brazil (Capoeira Beira Mar) and we changed our name to reflect the merger to Bantu-Beria Mar. At the beginning of the year 2012, my group has now became a full part of Capoeira Beira Mar and has absorbed the name completely. I am proud to say that I train with Capoeira Beira Mar! I predict this year will bring more great things to my Capoeira family!


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I would just like to say that i wish you well in your endeavours with your Capoeira Club Chaleira! I further hope that you and your Club have a productive year!
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Thank you decker dude :)