Another 4 years of capoeira to come!!!!!

Before this week, I was concerned. You see, my transfer date was coming up. I have been training in capoeira with my group for 3yrs and some months now... and I was looking at the 99.9% possibility that I would be transferring to a different city who knows where.

Well, this week I finally got my transfer orders and learned that I will stay in the Jacksonville area for another 4 years. I'm excited about that, because I don't have to leave my capoeira group now!

The only down part is that my supervisor who has been training me in Brazilian Jujitsu is also up for transfer... It'll be my luck if he gets stationed near me as well. LOL! I'd love it!!!

My plan now is to continue training as hard as ever in capoeira, and hopefully through out this new period of 4 years in Jacksonville coming up. I can meet even more interesting people who study different arts and mix it up a bit so that I can also continue to dabble in other styles (another thing that I love to do :) ) I wish I can find a friend who is proficient in Kali. Heck, what's the chances of my next supervisor being so. LOL, now that's the way to train ;)


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It officially happened. My supervisor who was teaching me some Brazilian jujitsu got his transfer orders and will be moving far away. That means no jujitsu for a while :-( That also means that I would like to find another style to dabble in along with my capoeira training. It could possibly be BJJ again if I can find a good place and schedule. But I would also like to look into Kali and/or MCMAP. I will be keeping my eyes open for something and will update my blog if anything comes up!
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'Every cloud has a silver lining' Sorry to hear that the supervisor as had to move on. Tt's a shame but it sounds like your staying positive. I'm sure this is a great opportunity to see what else is out there, whether it's a new club in the same style or a different style. Good luck in finding the next venture.
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Thanks Ashley.