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Timothy Williams , 43 , Male , USA
Online now
Martial Arts Styles:
Shotokan Karate
Kung Fu
About Me: Married With 2 children Girl age 20 and boy age 11. My son currently is 10th kyu and my my daughter is a shodan in Sanzuryu. I am a Nidan in okinawan Karate ( based on Shotokan )and I am currently working on two projects. One is Self defense School Of The Americas, on on line based information center free of charge to teach children self defense. The other is writing a Syllabus for the Girl and Boy Scouts to teach children self defense and earn badges with their troops. To teach the Scout Leaders the course so they can teach the kids themselves. I taught a similar course in Idaho and it was endorsed by Senseis Doug Brooks and Ron Jennings.
Experience: As a kid I practiced Tang soo do In The St. Louis area. I spent 10 years in the U.S army.Learned U.S Special Forces Hand to Hand combat from the 3rd of the 7th Special Forces Group Ft. Davis Panama. Learned Okinawan Karate in Panama and in Idaho. Studied Hsing I Kung Fu in La Mesa california for about 6 months. Had self defense classes for kids, Bouncers and security guards for two years. Taught Self Defense classes to kids in Panama as I travel back and forth. I am Now Ill with Stenosis and have a hard time with focusing and Memory. I also have injuries from the Military which is starting to limit my abilities.

To Teach my son Karate before I lose the capacity to do so. To finish writing
A syllabus for Kids Self Defense, to be taught to Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts.
Create a free online resource For kids to learn stranger danger and self


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I will soon be starting a blog for the SFH2H system, traing methods and so forth. Get the word out to non vets so they can glean knowledge from the vet side.