What is life?

The freedom to live in peace.

To love.

To strive for a better tomorrow.

I saw a movie the other day, Fight 93. A movie about the last plane hijacked on 911.

It haunted me. I saw myself on my qantas flight from Australia to Singapore and I thought about what would happen if terrorists had taken over the plane.

The saving grace of the movie was that the passengers eventually took charge and decided to fight back. It was a shame that they acted too late.

One of the passengers kept saying, "just do as they say and we will be released"

We all know how this movie ended. If you don't, look it up in the history books. The passengers fought the hijackers and instead of doing a kamikaze into the world trade centre the plane crashed into a field. No one else died that day apart from those on the plane.

Which brings me to the point of this discussion.

I teach self defence. I am an instructor in Zen Do Kai Freestyle Karate and Kickboxing.

I say, learn to defend yourself. Learn to defend yourself, your family and your country.

I put myself in the shoes of the passengers on flight 93 and the very concept frightened me, but my Zen Do Kai Karate training has taught me one thing......... dont allow yourself to be a victim. I know that, with my Karate training, not just the physical aspect, but the training of my mind,.... to remain calm in a dangerous situation, in an emergency, to see past the immediate threat and into the various possible futures, that I would have taken the initiative and nuetralised the threat in the most innoccuous way.

Any woman can look into her handbag and find weapons of self defense. Seemingly innocent articles like her christian dior perfume, which can be sprayed into the eyes of an attacker to blind him, her keys which can be used as a knife to take out the eyes of a rapist, a vogue magazine which can be rolled up into a baton to knock an attacker out with one strike to the head. The louis viouton bag itself can be used to swing at the head while you strike towards the groin with a well placed kick, a nail file can pierce,............ almost anything can be used as a weapon of self defence.

The thing about all these things,.... the very concept of stopping a hijacker with a can of coca cola or a cup of hot coffee, stopping a potential mugger with a deoderant or a magazine, what the hell? Where would all these ideas come from?

The most petite woman can overcome the most aggressive musclebound rapist/mugger/hijacker with the most innocent everyday objects or simple easy to learn self defense tactics.

I say do not be a victim.

Do not let hijackers take over your plane/ train/ life. Do not be mugged or raped or murdered. Nuetralise the threat. Learn Self Defense now. Take Karate classes. Learn Judo. Do Taekwondo. Become a Kung Fu practitioner. Take Mixed Martial Arts classes. Do Capoiera. Be AWARE. Take responsibility for your life.

Look up your local Martial Arts school and take a step towards becoming a more confident, healthy, alert human being.

Peter A. Robertson
Zendoka Elite Freestyle Karate & Kickboxing Singapore
Elite Freestyle Karate & Kickboxing International Rep
President for Singapore, The World Karate & Kickboxing Council

phone 9681 1927

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