Loss of a good friend and wonderfull person!

Well, I know that what I am about to share with you all has nothing to do with Martial Arts. But seeing as I feel that you are all like family I thought I would share it anyway.
On the 16th Of June 2012, my dear Friend Sonja passed away. She was diagnosed with Lupis at a young age. And more than that found out 10 years ago that her kidneys don't work like they should and has given in. They got them working again but never realy like they should, you know!! Anyways, she has been going for treatment every week, three times a week, for dialysis too do the function of the kidneys. I always thought that she would be healed by God seeing as she was such a big Christian, as I am, and kind big heart and justa wonderful human being! She didn't, she got worse. She had pain daily and yet if anyone had asked how she was or doing, she would just simply say "I am doing great / good" with a smile always.
Her funeral was on the 22nd June 2012 and probably one of the worst days of my 28 year existace! I spent this whole past weekend crying and sulking, not getting out of my pajamas and just lying on the couch. This realy hit me hard and I have alot of questions for God although I know well enough that I am not allowed to ask! I pray every night for strength. I am so sad and sore, heartbroken, I don't even want to go to class.
Life realy sucks some times, realy freakin unfair!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Feeling worse today!!!!! Yet another member of the family gets taken away! Today little Luandro died, his heart just stopped. Couple of months old. What the hell is going on in my world? My heart goes out to my cousin Melissa. Need to go train tonight to get my head and heart off of all of this bad news happening lately...
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Sorry to hear you are going through some tough times with the loss of loved ones. Going to training will be tough but it's the right thing to do. It will help you take your mind off things. All the best and be strong.
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Sorry for the heartbreak that is surrounding you at the moment. Let the tears come, because now is the right time for them. Ask the questions, even if only in your prays, you might not get an answer, but at least you asked.
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Thank you Ash and Andy.. Things get a little better every day. And yes, it helps going to class, because it brings me so much joy and changes my mood completely. Gets me in a happy state of mind, for a while at least. Time heals as they say..
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I am sorry for your loss. It's never easy to loose someone.
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sincere condolences Michele. i truly know how hard times like this feel;7 years ago in the space of 18 months we lost a Grandmother (easier to deal with when aged), a miscariage, lost a baby, brother suicide and father die of cancer. we just felt like we were getting hit again before we'd even got our guard up. i don't want this to sound trite, but it is true, time does lessen the pain- it was 7 years ago the monday just passed that our brother died and while we think of him daily, it is still amazing that it was 7 years ago. how did that happen when we thought we'd never stop crying? may you find peace soon and know that life has a way building us up even if it feels like it is smashing us down.