i get knocked down...but i get up again

missed training last night due to a heavy head cold; no biggy, but annoying.
Saturday i went through all of the stuff for my next grading- i could do it any time now as i know all of the components- but i over did it a bit and am so sore in the hamstrings it is hard to walk today!
After the grading work i was tested for my level 1 sticks, apart from briefly forgetting 2 out of the 40 odd components i was totally motoring through everything and even though the level 8 instructor was doing a few things that are short-cuts that would have seen me fail, i was able to keep up and do all of the drill at a very fast pace. He told me off for a miss hit that struck his fingers, even though he had hit me too a minute before, i just didn't sook about it. I joked about it after we were finished saying it was a payback, but made sure it was known i was only joking.
at the end, when asked by the Master how i went, the tester said, "Needs more work." I was fairly shocked as i had watched out of the corner of my eye others  watching me and nodding approval at the intencity of my drills, so i was sure it was of a suitably high standard. I don't know if the tester was being vindictive for my finger hit, or the joke about the payback hit, or if he was trying to impress the Master by not passing me due to the momentary forgetting of the 2 techniques. i'm not sure.
i should be able to pass it again this week, given there was only 2 things not perfect, it would great if i could just do those things, but if not, i'll go again, no worries.
apart from that, the cold might just be what my body needs as my lower back is very bad, and my hips are way suss! no matter what, i'll always be back for more