helping others helps yourself...sometimes!

i get so much out of helping instruct other people, i learn the technique in more detail as i find ways to help others learn, i get to go back to basics and help consolidate things i hadn't thought about in a while, and it is rewarding to see others pick things up and start thinking about their martial arts.


but it does come at a price!

Due to my lay-off with my back i have done not much but help others; in the last two  weeks, my 2nd full weeks back- by full week i mean that i'm doing 4 or more classes- i have done 9 classes: 6 instructing kids, 1 a new white belt adult and only 2 where i've concentrated on my own work. on the saturday i was asked if i was ready to grade and because i'd been over the work a bit before the injury i said yes, in a week. last night after a day where it had rained all day and i knew the kids at the 4pm class we do would all be feral from being inside all day i took a bit of self serving inititive and went in to the back room to start looking at my grading requirements. the Master came in to ask what i was up to and i explained and he gave me someone to work with. so glad as the kids were going off in the main hall!

i worked through the required self defence and then my own 8 that i had to devise and that was all good.

when a 1st dan came in to help i was nearly done and he asked how my latest form was, i told him good as it was one that i found easy to learn- emphasis on the learn, not master! when i showed him i made a few mistakes and i realised i was now paying for my lay off and all of the time i spent helping others! same too for my one step and another componant.

now a day before i'm to grade i've decided to decline the grading. not because i'm nervous, but if it is worth doing, it is worth doing really well, not the way i am now: knowing the requirements, but not being natural with them. by that i mean, it just flows out of me when asked to do the next thing.

i know i'll get a look from the Master when i tell him tomorrow...he may even say, "show me where you are at, which will become a grading if i go ok. he knows i take it very seriously and to heart about being the best i can which is one of the reasons he honoured me with the Dragon status.

all i can do is my best i guess.