Capoeira Angola experience!

Got a chance when I visited Washington, DC (awaiting flight back home as I type this) to visit the Universal Capoeira Angola Center there. Got some good training exclusively in the Angola style... 2hrs worth, and I'm feeling it now. Though its the second Angola exclusive school I've visited (Mestre Jao Grande in New York was the first.) Its the first one I actually got a chance to train at. Great group! The instructor as well as the studens and I gained a lot from the experience. Though I have trained Angola several times before at various workshops as well as from my own mestre who has extensive knowledge and skill in the Angola style... there is just something different about training at a actual Angola academy. Maybe its just the atmosphere. Unfortunately I was not able to visit Mestre Cobra Mansa's Academy. Hopefully I can visit there the next time I'm in DC as well! Nevertheless, awesome experience!