back in the running

So my back is slowly improved enough to actually look at my next grading.

I wasn't going to consider it as there is big sparring requirement and i wasn't prepared to risk it while it still feels quite unstable. So when i was asked on Saturday when i wanted to grade i brought this point up with the Master. He said he'd grade me then and there and was prepared to fore go the sparring componant due to the many bouts i've had in the last 18 months- in particular, those i've had for other peoples gradings.

While i don't like it when people short cut their way through belts, i must admit that given the above explanation i feel ok this time about it and appreciate it a lot as i otherwise feel about ready in my knowledge and application.

That will be my grading to 1st gup! So i'm pretty stoked. I certainly need the lift as i'm feeling pretty flat about the rest of my life and having my Chodanbo so close now may just give me a big mental boast.


it is so cool to be back, and not just living for my back!