back again, back again!

it feels like i am on a constant treadmill at the moment; a very challenging year it has been because of injury.

train, grade, injury (not at TKD, just living life!), recovery, re condition, train, grade, injury...yeah, you get the cycle.


so for the 3rd time this year my back has packed it in!

It was actually nearly 7 weeks ago, but it was very bad. made slower and harder because for the first week when i should have been really resting it i had a sick child at home with me who was vomiting all over the house. it is hard enough cleaning that sort of thing up normally, but with a blown disc, getting down to floor level really made life hard!


after a week off work and 3 weeks back but not improving - all the while not being ablwe to do TKD i took 2 weeks off and put myself through intensive rehab. daily yoga, stretching, swimming etc.

the first week hurt like hell, the 2nd saw much improvement and a return to TKD for very gentle training.

i had so many goals set for this year: Cho dan bo by my birthday in April being the big one! Now that it is August and i have been stuck on 2nd gup for so long i realise that even though i have talked the talk of letting things happen in their own time, now that i've been forced to ease up, i actually believe i accept that idea.

the return to training started with Filipino sticks and an introduction to level 2, it is amazing how much quicker your uptake is after completing the basics...even though it is so much harder, but the concepts of required movement are established to even though it is harder, it makes so much more sense quicker.

Now that i'm back, let's hope my back allows me to remain back!