Wow, I missed this place!! I was away for quite a while now, been busy with my big girls and exams. We haven't even been to class for the last 2 weeks! It has been very bad for me not to go but I feel kids education is fara more important at this stage.
We even missed our grading on the 29th of May!!! But it's ok, we are going to hopefully grade this week. So SUPER DUPER EXCITED to get back to training, to see my Sensei and to get back into training mode! I feel weak and I am sick at the moment, I need my fix of Martial Arts to get me back into shape of body and shape of mind!!!


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Great to see you back :) Hope you feel better, and good luck on your upcoming grading. Take care~
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Thank you Chaleira, missed talking to you. Hope you are well? How is your style coming along? Have you learnt anything new and interesting as of late?? Any new weapons or knives? Have a good day. KK