1st gup!

Saturday was D-day, i had little in the way of excuses, i just went for it.

An hour in to the class the Master called all senior students up to go through their forms- i knew this was for me, and i went through the 1st 4 well.

the next 3 i messed up- at one point due to nearly being kicked in the face by the bloke next to me. i was able to recover all but one and kept my cool and didn't let it faze me.

next i went in to the back room to go through my self defence elements- 9 x Dmac (the clubs 7 step self defence forms), 6 x escapes, 8 x self devised escapes. I'm most proud of my self devised ones; i do not plan my steps, just the attack put on me, then i just let instinct go for it and direct me through. I know i did a good job as the Masters eyes were lit up and he complemented me on my intencity.

one step sparring went without a hitch too. and i re did all my forms on my own and did a fairly good job of them- just got to learn how to deal with doing them in a group it would seem!

all up a very satisfying grading, with out being a braggart i feel i did well, and look forward to the next step- Chodan bo!