Training in Shotokan Karate with Sensei Joseph Rodrigues from GOA INDIA

I am a student of Shotokan Karate training with Sensei Joseph Rodrigues from Goa.   

We have been training at Basilio’s gym at Santa Inez Panaji Goa for almost Two years now. Our batch comprises women and men but adults only who are professionals in their own fields. Classes start at 6.15 am and end at 7.30 am. We are being tutored well in Shotokan Karate style by Sensei Joseph Rodrigues (Black Belt 5th Dan) Classes is held three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  There are about 13 students, all adults in the batch.


Hi im 44 and started Rhee TKD two months ago, i have a few basic streaches that i do and was wondering if there are any routines i should be following, ie first thing in morning and at night, i have tight ham strings and really need to improve this.   

Learning a new skill

So a few of months ago, I saw my capoeira instructor displaying skill with a straight razor (navalha) in a video posted on youtube. In hand and in foot, switching between the two. I was impressed, and also wondered why at almost 5 years (that was at the time I had be training) I had not known this before. So, about month ago I expressed a desire to learn this skill, as I had only heard of, read of, and seen videos of other people doing it. He showed me a thing or two and of course I wanted to see more.

Parkour Training

I have been doing Parkour for about a year now and I got to say the best way to get your body ready is to just do it but start small. when i started I was really out of shape but I climed alot to build arm strangth. I now am in great shape. I love to use Parkour as a way to get from point a to point b. 

Reigniting the energy

I achieved a black sash in lau gar kungfu in 2011. Since then a combination of circumstances have hindered me in my progress, the latest being my A-levels. I have not trained properly for around 8 months and the shape and size of my body has massively changed along with all the skills and habits one builds up after 11 years of training.
I intend to soon restart my training and build up to the mindset of a true martial artist.  I want to record my progress in case this 'slump' is forced upon me again.

Five Family Shaolin

I am one month into Five family Shaolin Kung fu. The forms are good. I appreciate the Xing yi breathing techniques. This is a much different approach to martial arts than i am used to. The last five years i have been training in Commando Krav Maga, Naphtali and generally focused on slef defense and close quarter combat. This has been much more violent and invigorating. I find that Kung fu is contemplative, I like it. 

Zhongue quanfa journal day 4

Sifu explained today after class, that the anual promotion ceremony is related to the Chinese New Year, and it's zodiac signs.  Set on the Traditional New Year morning, the Water Snake promotion will be an interesting and remembered experience! XD
It is becoming more clear to me that Zhongue Quanfa is a mix of modern and TCMA.  We often use a mma stance, but step using the 5 Basic Stances.  Although the style has southern roots, there are many high kicks that are used and deep stances such as pu bu(crouching stance).  

Zhongue quanfa journal day 3

3rd day back, we worked with pads to practice a couple punch-kick combos, and then we did solo kick combinations, where sifu asked me to demonstrate the axe kick. He claimed my kick would be a KO, but more importantly, he asked me how I developed it, and I replied with home practice, as I am not allowed to tell anyone the real reason.

my journal: questions questions

I've been thinking of starting a new martial art. Something i'm wondering is if there are practical martial arts that are flowery looking? Shaolin martial arts-out of the different styles which is the most practical?in streetfights and such like. As far as I've heard floweryness and practicality don't mix. But which ones are the most practical of the flowery ones and can anything be learnt from them that can't be learnt from practicality absolutes like wing tsun?
Also... Are there other theories like the centreline theory?

Zhongue quanfa journal day 2

The second day back, we worked on forms YAY!  

Kicks And Splits

this year i am going to try and get all my kicks up to scratch in karate and i will try my hardest to learn to do the splits.   Hopefully I Can Do It

New Year's resolution

I practiced Sikaran but left the club at my rural hometown to work in the city. Having no club, the past years was hard. With the help of this community, I am hoping to stay in shape in my physically inactive lifestyle as a programmer.

A New season

I have been training off and on in the martial arts for the last 30 years. I am a collegiate wrestler. I presently coach high school wrestling. I am a level 6 commando Krav maga instructor and hold an 2 dan black belt in Naphtali. I have studied a number of  arts and have great respect for most and all practitioners of the martial arts. I am begining a new season in Kung Fu. I am attempting an onine experience with sifu Franklin Fick in Five Family Style. While i realize online experience is not the best I want to be open minded to this experience.

Zhongue quanfa journal day 1

My return to my gong Fu classes has been glorious, but I'm a little disappointed in the lack of forms we do. Personally, I think forms are a vital part of training, and they are my favorite part. But my classes don't seem to practice them often. To my knowledge, our system has two forms: tiger and snake. If I had the honor to ever create a set for this style, it would include an opening with dynamic tension and stance/ stepping movements, then go straight into tiger style techniques, then blend into crane techniques, and end with fist movements.


after a total of 4 years of TKD (2x2) i've achieve my Cho dan bo- provisional black belt. i've worked my clacker off to get it, so it feels very rewarding. Injuries, accidents and illness did their best to hinder me, but perseverance has paid off. Now that i've achieved this, i actually feel like i'm back at the start again...which i like.

Get up and on again

Simple. I have decided to start training more seriously and figured a training log is a perfect tool for that.

2012 at a Glance and on to 2013

2012 came and is now on it's way out. This year was a productive year of training for me in both Capoeira and Escrima. Starting in Janurary with our capoeira group changing over with a brand new start, and in February with begining my training in Escrima.

Troca De Corda ceremony 2012

This weekend we had our Batizado and Troca De Corda ceremony. Friday night was the opening roda. Saturday night (tonight) sas workshops all day, and demos/performances, and ceremonies tonight. Sunday will be more a get together, probably a barbeque and more rodas. Tonight was an amazing night. Congrats to everyone who moved up to the next levels! I also recieved my next cord and am looking forward to moving forward! Pics and videos are hopefully soon to come as soon as I can get them all together!

MInd, Body, & Spirit

Accomplishing Goals Using Martial Arts Principles
By: R.F. Bresch
In every day life people make excuses why they can’t or don’t deal with their issues. In this article I will explain setting goals as well as three principles of martial arts training that can be applied to all walks of life. Whether it be such things as sports, business ventures, working out or weight loss, or be it the obstacles of life such as drug and alcohol addiction, smoking or any other substance abuse problems. First, let us understand the objective of setting goals.
Setting Goals:

Martial Arts Education

A Real Martial Arts Education:
Are YOU Getting One?
by R. F. Bresch
The martial arts are universal in their appeal. They have something for everyone, regardless of age or gender. The martial arts are generally viewed as methods of self defense and are often used as a means of physical conditioning. What the martial arts truly mean to you depends on your individual purpose for training.

Capoeira Angola experience!

Got a chance when I visited Washington, DC (awaiting flight back home as I type this) to visit the Universal Capoeira Angola Center there. Got some good training exclusively in the Angola style... 2hrs worth, and I'm feeling it now. Though its the second Angola exclusive school I've visited (Mestre Jao Grande in New York was the first.) Its the first one I actually got a chance to train at. Great group! The instructor as well as the studens and I gained a lot from the experience.

On to the next one

Looking forward to my capoeira group's upcoming batizado and troca de corda (change of cord) ceremony 9-11Nov 2012. I don't know if I'm ready to move to the next level. Though I've been training hard, I know I haven't been giving my all by missing classes here and there throughout theh year (though I have my reasons). I feel like I've missed out on a lot. But what I'm really looking forward to is all the awesome workshops by some of the most amazing and skilled capoeira masters around.

1st gup!

Saturday was D-day, i had little in the way of excuses, i just went for it.

An hour in to the class the Master called all senior students up to go through their forms- i knew this was for me, and i went through the 1st 4 well.

the next 3 i messed up- at one point due to nearly being kicked in the face by the bloke next to me. i was able to recover all but one and kept my cool and didn't let it faze me.

sense over pride

after a horrendous week of emotional turmoil last week it was with a lot of trepidation i trained on Saturday.

I knew the Master would ask to grade me and i knew i wasn't mentally up to it.


He did ask, i said i didn't feel right about it, and i asked what was my options, he said i didn't have any and gave me a Sabumnim to go through my stuff for 40 minutes and prepare for it in the 2nd hour of the class.

i was ok, but on reporting back to the Master the Sabumnim said i just needed to polish up my form a little more... reprieve!