The Sausage and the Frying Pan

Experience, and the importance of letting go

Every day we experience things. Some of these experiences are positive, some are negative – but all can go into defining who we are as a person.

Holding onto experiences, whether positive or negative, however, can have a negative effect on you.

How many times, when a child doesn’t get their own way, do they sit and sulk on the matter? Often at the expense of experiencing other things that are going on around them while they are stuck in their own mud-of-the-mind?

The universe is like a frying pan, and the experiences within the universe are like hot sausages, sizzling away – tempting us. As such, we can eat the sausages, thereby experiencing things that will feed our development. Sometimes we might get a little burn, because the sausage is too hot, but it’s a short-term thing, and we feel better for feeding ourselves.

However, the danger comes when we try to cling onto experiences. Like the child told they can’t have a new toy, we cling onto what has happened to us, and we let it start to define who we are;

We are the person who was splashed with mud, we are the person who just bought an expensive new car. We are the person with a sausage.

Have you ever tried picking up a freshly cooked sausage, and holding onto it?? What happens? That’s right, it burns your hand, and you have to throw it away, but the pain will remain.

As humans, we have this ability to dwell on events after they have happened, allowing them to burn us. And, by clinging onto the experience, we never get the nourishment that the experience could potentially give our development. Holding onto a sausage that’s burning your hand, doesn’t fill your stomach, and does your hand no good in the long run!


So, what is the point of this? Simple…

When you experience something, whether it is a good experience or not, take it for what it is, and then let it go. If it is a good experience, don’t go trying to recreate it, because by doing this, the experience will just go further away from you. If you have  a bad experience, learn from it, but don’t dwell on it. Let it go, and move forwards, onto the next experience.

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ashley's picture

Nice analogy. The problem most people find is that upon having a good experience, they don't want to let it go. It's true that in most cases an experience is never as good second time round.
Chaleira's picture

Lots of good points here. Learn from it and keep it moving. Life if full of experiences so holding on to old ones may cause you to miss out on new ones (along with many other side effects as well). Thanks for sharing
hope's picture

Nice -- who wrote this one?
hope's picture

OK, just went to the main blog page. Thanks for the article, Medway.