Fighter's Mind, Fighter's Body: Review

Fighter's Mind, Fighter's Body: Review
This book 'Fighter's Mind, Fighter's Body is written by Tony Li, a martial artist with over 15 years of experience in a range of styles. He teaches in the art of HiepTinh-Mon - a Vietnemese martial art.

In Tony Li's words; "Bring your fighting performance to the next level". The author of this book has provided the martial arts world with a great resource for those looking to develop both their physical and mental attributes which they can utlilise in just about any martial arts style.

Fighter's Mind, Fighter's Body contains 329 pages of excellent training material that target all areas of the body.  You will find conditioning programs that you are unlikely to have come across before as well as unique training philosophies. Although you may feel from a quick flick through this book that it is aimed at the male audience only, this should not steer the female martial artist away; nearly all the techniques and methods in this book can be used by both men and women. No matter what gender you are, the attributes that this book focuses on applies to everyone.

Fighter's Mind, Fighter's Body even has included some dietry tips with some excellent food recipes. Any sports orientated individual understand how important the diet can be, but also how difficult it can be adhering to a strict healthy food regime. However the book unfortunately does not explain why these meals are good. A nutritional breakdown, particularly of carbohydrates and protein would have been useful to go alongside these recipes.

Fighters Mind fighters Body reviewThere are few downsides to this book, however the graphics are unfortunately only in black and white and in some places could have been used to explain Tony Li's training methods further.

This book is a must to have on your book shelf for any serious martial artist - Fighter's Mind, Fighter's Body has provided an excellent resource which if followed could make drastic improvements in not only your physical performance as a competitive/non-competitive martial artist but also your mental well being.

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Thanks for the heads up, I have heard about this book before when I was searching around on Amazon. Would be good to hear if any other members have read it?
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nice article
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sounds like a good book. I'm gonna look into it.
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I want this book. I shall look for it next time I am near a good bookstore! :)